Yes, We Do Know How to Have Fun!

Get ready to rock, roll, twist and shout. And, pretty much anything in between. Welcome to the Chapel’s summer concert series, featuring fabulous sound-alike, look-alike bands that take us down memory lane’s great music. Was that The Eagles? Doobie Brothers? Jimmy Buffet? Could’ve fooled us.

2022 concert information will be available in the Spring

The Chapel's Terraces has seen over 54,000 attendees enjoying well over 100 concerts and a whole lot of dancing. We’ve gone down memory lane with music from the Eagles, the Kingston Trio, and yes, Elvis. It’s well worth the price of admission with proceeds helping to fund scholarships for graduating seniors, even though they might not recognize the music from our generation.


Frequently Asked Questions


Should rain or any other issue cause cancellation of a concert, we will make every effort to reschedule the event.
We will update our outgoing phone message at 470-273-6767 if a cancellation/postponement occurs.


If you purchased a single concert ticket online, your confirmation is your ticket. If you forget or cannot print your confirmation, the ticket agents can check the printed list of purchases to find your purchase information. However, if possible please bring your confirmation.

If you purchased Pick 6 or Season Pass, you will receive those at the first concert you attend. Season Passes are only to be used by the assigned pass holder. Pick 6 tickets can be used by anyone at any concert(s). Day of concert only individual tickets or a Season Pass can be purchased; Pick 6 packs are not available at the door.


There is terraced area that can be sat on, but it stone and would not be comfortable for long periods. Most people bring folding camp style chairs to sit in that can be setup in the terraced area or the surrounding grassy areas. Only chairs are allowed in the terraced area; no large coolers or tables. Chairs can be setup in advance starting at 10am the day of the concert if you want to pick a seating area early. PLEASE do not move other people’s chairs or the Terraces Committee’s tables or tents. Please note that the Terraces Committee members are setting up for the concert generally between 9am-11am and cones might block off the area by ticket booth to cars for the safety of the committee, so please park in the parking lot if arriving during that time.


Carpooling is always encouraged to reduce the congestion of cars and due to limited parking availability. Please follow the direction of the parking attendants when parking and if wanting to tailgate with friends please try to arrive together as it is hard to try and save spots for friends arriving later. There are areas left open for safety and necessity for exits, so if arriving late please do not park where there are cones placed even if it appears there is space for your car; this can cause a blockage and cars trying to leave early might not be able to exit.

Pet Policy

No pets are allowed at the Terraces. Only service animals may join us.

Inclement Weather

All attempts are made to have the concert. In the event of heavy rain, if the predicted rain will stop shortly after 7pm, then the concert will likely start late. Updates regarding delays will be posted on the Terraces Facebook “The Terraces of Big Canoe Chapel” page and a recording will be available at 470-273-6767. If a concert gets cancelled, additional information will be published the following day.

Concert Images