Big Canoe Chapel is prayerfully seeking a Senior Pastor. We have a rich history in the Big Canoe Community located in Georgia’s foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. As we move forward into the future God has for our multi-denominational Chapel, we seek a Senior Pastor who will grow with us, guide us, and keep our focus on the Lord.


Our Processes

Application Process

Review the Senior Pastor Profile and other information provided here. If you know someone whom you would like to recommend or should you like to be considered as Senior Pastor of Big Canoe Chapel, please email or mail your cover letter and resume (including any video links of sermons and/or teachings) to us at the following addresses:

Mail to:
Search Committee
12081 Big Canoe
Big Canoe, GA 30143

Email to:


The job opening has been posted on a nationwide pastor recruitment website for multiple denominations.

Our Search Committee is composed of 9 volunteer leaders appointed by the Board of Trustees (BOT) and commissioned by the congregation. We receive all communications concerning this process. We ask that you kindly allow sufficient time for our response. Thank you and may God bless you.


Selection Process

1. Candidates’ resumes are reviewed against the Senior Pastor Profile developed by the search committee; the profile resulted from the job description as well as the 2023 informational poll of the congregation.
2. Committee members research: resume details, social media, online services/sermons, and local church visits.
3. Based on mutual interest, a virtual candidate interview (zoom) is scheduled with multiple committee members to further discuss the role with a candidate.
4. Based on continuing interest in a candidate, an in-person candidate interview is scheduled, involving the entire committee.
5. The search committee selects a candidate to be recommended to the Board of Trustees for approval.
6. The Board of Trustees-approved candidate is invited to visit Big Canoe for an “in-view-of-a-call” weekend, including informal gatherings, tours, meetings with leadership, biographical information for the congregants, and sermon delivery to Sunday worship services.
7. Immediately following the Sunday worship services, a congregational vote confirms approval of the recommended candidate.
8. Following a vote of approval, the Board of Trustees issues a call to the candidate to fill the role of Senior Pastor.


Pastor Profile

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Big Canoe Chapel Profile

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Big Canoe Profile

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Latest Updates

The Senior Pastor Search Committee (SPSC), appointed by the Board of Trustees, began working at their first meeting together on January 10, 2023. During the past months, the SPSC has collected data from the church records and the Big Canoe POA, polled the people of the congregation and reviewed the BOT church assessment survey. Committee members have sought candidates from many sources, reviewed sermons online, listened to sermons in person, and been in conversation with possible candidates. Reactions to viewed sermons have been discussed and evaluated with Big Canoe Chapel in mind. This work continues. A description of the selection process has been added above.

The SPSC meets at least weekly to review work done between meetings. Such work includes reviews of resumes and sermons as well as performing deeper research. During meetings, the SPSC compares reactions and observations regarding information gathered during the previous week. The SPSC always begins its meetings with prayer and devotional time. During the meetings of 1½-to-2½ hours, time for group prayer is always reserved. The SPSC sincerely and earnestly is seeking God’s leadership for its assigned task.

Our Big Canoe Chapel website currently profiles the Key Responsibilities and Characteristics desired of a Senior Pastor which have been developed by the SPSC in response to Chapel needs and congregational input. Should you desire to recommend a pastor for consideration, please review this page. You will find an address for your recommendation whether you use the post office or email. The committee would welcome your input. While we ask that you respect the need to maintain appropriate confidentiality in the process, more importantly, we ask you to pray for God to lead the SPSC and the Chapel to the right person—HIS person.

Last Updated: November 28, 2023